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Cal Cunningham for US Senate

2020 is a very important year for Democrats to regain control of the Senate. In North Carolina, current polls show a very close race that is within reach and favors replacing current GOP Senator Thom Tillis. Cal Cunningham is running as a Democrat for this Senate seat and can use everyone’s help. Here are some ways to help Cal defeat Tillis in 2020:

Actions Needed

1) Protect Voters in North Carolina!

This is urgent--The GOP is trying to discourage people from being able to vote, & North Carolina desperately needs help with voter protection efforts--poll watchers, workers, phonebankers, you name it. Sign up & help make sure everyone gets to vote--nothing is more important!

Protect the Vote!

2) Donate to Cal’s campaign

Donate to help Cal make sure we flip NC's seat blue in 2020.

3) Share support for Cal on Facebook!

Share this link on social media to help him out.

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4) Volunteer for Cal

Volunteer to help Cal's campaign secure this seat for the Democrats in the Senate.

5) Tweet to support @CalforNC

Follow Cal on Twitter and share this link on social media to help him out.

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6) Register to Vote

If you haven’t already, make sure you register go vote!

Laura Lombard for KS-4!

Laura Lombard is running to flip a US House seat in Kansas's 4th congressional district (KS-4), and this is a race we can win! Laura is a fifth-generation Kansan who knows what her district and state need and will fight for everyday Kansans as a new Representative. Her candidacy is very important. She is a strong advocate for what voters have said is their top concern--healthcare. As a Representative, Laura would fight to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, and that it's affordable. She understands that the backbone of Kansas's economy is agriculture, which is why she would fight for farmers--and she has the experience to do so, being an international trade professional--this means we would have an leader with expertise to ensure that our trade deals are fair, and that we export American products, not jobs. Our rural areas are hurting--many farms have been forced to close, as have rural hospitals, which millions of people rely on. Laura will make sure that Kansans get a fair deal. She is also a fighter for quality education for all of us, and she will make sure that college is affordable as well. This is a seat we can win if everyone takes 10 minutes to take one or more of the actions listed. Here's how to make sure Laura is our next KS-4 Congressmember: 

Actions Needed

1) Amplify Laura on Twitter

Share this tweet to help people follow Laura & help her campaign!

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2) Donate to Laura!

This is a competitive race, & no amount is too small--Laura needs everyone's help to win this!


3) Volunteer to Help Laura Win!

Every action counts--and your help can put her across the finish line! Volunteer today!


4) Flip Kansas Blue!

The Kansas Democrats are helping all our candidates, and they can use your help, too! Help Laura & other Democrats here!


5) Register to Vote

Make sure you & your loved ones are registered to vote, have a voting plan, & are ready to elect Laura as our next Representative. 

Register to Vote

6) Amplify Laura on Facebook

Laura is a 5th generation Kansan who has expertise in international trade & will make sure our farmers get what they need! Visit her website, volunteer, or donate to her campaign today! You can take action to help Laura in 10 minutes or less here: 

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Mike Espy for US Senate!

Control of the Senate in 2020 is critical to passing important legislation to ensure affordable healthcare for everyone, end the gun violence epidemic, protect our civil and human rights, and more. In 2018, Democrat Mike Espy ran for the Senate in Mississippi, and he performed better than any Democratic Senate candidate in Mississippi in 40 years. Mike is running again in 2020, and he needs everyone’s help to flip this seat blue. Mike is a former member of Congress and was President Bill Clinton’s Agriculture Secretary. He believes in equality, healthcare as a right, and will fight hard for Mississippi and all of us. This election is especially important for two reasons:

(1). To Fight Against Systemic Racism: The current Senator is racist, having bragged about how she would attend a public lynching, posing with pictures of Confederate flags, and worse. We need a Senator who is reflective of our nation's demographics and who will push for an end to systemic racism. Mike would be Mississippi's first Black US Senator, and his policies support our communities. In the aftermath of the tragic murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and far too many other Black people killed by the police, we need, more than ever, to have our elected officials represent our most marginalized communities, both in terms of their demographics and their politics--Mike is the right person for both.

(2). To Flip A US Senate Seat: This race is very winnable and would go a LONG ways towards changing the political landscape of this nation--the incumbent, Cindy Hyde-Smith is only ahead by single digits, but she has a war chest & a lot more resources than Mike. We have to all help out to make sure Mike wins--but he can do it--when he ran in 2018, he performed better than any Democratic US Senate candidate from Mississippi since Reconstruction, outperformed and made it a close race, and flipped several counties. We just need EVERYONE to make this happen!

Here’s how you can help make sure Mike wins in November:

Actions Needed

1) Share a link on social media supporting Mike.

Share this link to help raise awareness of this race, amplify Mike’s campaign, and ensure that we flip this seat blue in 2020.

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to Mike Espy

Your donation will support Mike Espy, who needs as many donations as possible to flip this Senate seat!

Donate Now!

3) Volunteer for Mike!

There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help Mike win this November from anywhere in the country--or even abroad! Take action today!

Volunteer for Mike

4) Support Voter Protection & GOTV!

The Mississippi Democratic Party can use people from anywhere to help with voter protection phone & text banking. Sign up to make sure that everyone has a chance to vote fairly. Voter suppression is a common tactic in Mississippi--fight back by helping protect the vote!

Protect Mississippi Voters

5) Register to Vote!

If you or someone you know aren't registered to vote or aren't sure if you're still on the Mississippi voter rolls, check your registration status & register!

Register or Check Status

Get Out the Vote for Wisconsin!

Wisconsin State Welcome Sign on I-90 (2020)Attribution: Ec13328 / CC BY-SA (

 In 2016, Wisconsin was one of the three states that cost us the election. This year, it's a battleground state, and if we can just make sure everyone gets to vote, we can win it! The GOP is trying very hard to suppress voting rights, even resorting to going to the Supreme Court to make it nearly impossible for many voters to return absentee ballots. In addition, because the GOP's win in court functionally made it so that people had to go to the polls (which were understaffed and ill-prepared to handle voting by many people during a pandemic, and which was the exact reason why Governor Evers tried to extend the voting period--to keep people safe and protect democracy), COVID19 cases spiked, and people died needlessly. It is more important than ever to protect Wisconsin residents' right to vote, and to make sure that voting is conducted safely and fairly. Also, it's VERY important for voters to know that they cannot drop absentee ballots anywhere in their county--it must be in their municipality/precinct, or their voters will likely not count. Please make sure you do this, and please let others know. We need your help to ensure a fair and safe election in this battleground state. That's where you come in, and here's how you can help deliver Wisconsin for the Democrats this year:

Actions Needed

1) Volunteer to Protect the Vote in Wisconsin!

Voter Protection will be critical this year, and there are four ways you can help (even if you don't live in Wisconsin): be a poll worker, a poll watcher, phonebank for voter protection, or answer the voter protection hotline. Take action today!

Protect the Vote

2) Donate to Support Voter Protection!

Voter protection is critical--donate to help voter protection in Wisconsin & everywhere!


3) Make Sure You're Registered to Vote!

Register to vote in Wisconsin or check to make sure you're registered.

Register or Check Status

4) Make Sure Everyone's Vote Counts!

If you're voting absentee, you cannot drop your ballot off anywhere in your county--it must be in your municipality/precinct. Help make sure Wisconsin votes count (they won't if they're not dropped off in the right place)! Share this info!

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5) Share the Wisconsin Voter Protection Hotline

It's so important that voters with questions or problems have access to the state's voter protection hotline. Share it!

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It's National Disability Voter Registration Week!

National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) is this week! This event is particularly important for the 61 million Americans with disabilities, who represent 26% of the electorate. NDVRW is coordinated by the American Association of People with Disabilities REV UP (Register, Educate, Vote! Use your Power) campaign. It is non-partisan initiative to “increase the political power of people with disabilities by sharing resources" and register disabled people to vote.  

Unfortunately, there is still a voter participation gap between voters with disabilities and able-bodied individuals. As the DNC reports, based upon studies on the 2016 election," if people with disabilities voted at the same rate as people without disabilities, 2.35 million more people would have voted in 2016." This is everyone's opportunity to decrease this voter participation gap and lift up the disabled community, which can truly change the trajectory of elections and politics in general. Disabled people are often not brought to the table for important policy decisions, and this week provides an important opportunity to help rectify this inequity. 

Here are some things you can do to support the disabled community:

Actions Needed

1) Raise Awareness on Social Media

The #REVUP campaign supports Americans with disabilities & works to increase voter participation. Share some information about this event here.

Post to Twitter

2) Get Involved

The American Association for People with Disabilities (AAPD) does important disability rights advocacy work & helps protect the right to vote for everyone. Visit their page to learn how you can support disabled people as a community organizer today. 


3) Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

10 Minutes A Day is proud to be a disability rights advocacy organization, & our merchandise supports the disabled community. Check out our items & support an important community in style! 


4) Register to Vote

Disabled people face barriers to voting that their able-bodied counterparts do not. When We All Vote has made it easier than ever to register for yourself or someone else. 

Register to Vote

World Refugee Day


World Refugee Day

The Trump administration has capped the number of refugees that are allowed into the US at the lowest numbers since 1980, and he has targeted marginalized groups for exclusion, specifically LGBTQ+ people, Muslims, people from Mexico or certain South American nations, domestic violence survivors, and more. In fact,Trump has functionally closed the US to asylum seekers, forcing them to choose between waiting in dangerous situations  or risking  trying to cross between ports of entry. In other words, Trump’s policies actually encourage people to cross irregularly, (which he then punishes) rather than applying in a legal, safe manner. There are 70.8 million refugees who need help. Today is World Refugee Day, and the theme is "Step With Refugees." Here's how you can help:

Actions Needed

1) Watch & Share a Video to Raise Awareness

Watch and share this video to help people understand the plight of the 70.8 million refugees. 

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to Help Refugees

Donate to the IRC to help refugees at the US-Mexico border.


3) Attend a Virtual Event to Support Refugees

The UNHCR has a number of virtual events to choose from. Attend one of them!

Attend an Event

4) Share an Article to Support Refugees

Share this article on Facebook so that you and your community can help support refugees.

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Commemorate Juneteenth



Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the legal abolition of slavery in 1865 (three years after the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation). Sadly, Black Americans are far from free in any sense of the word, as we've witnessed with police killings of Black people, environmental racism, & inadequate healthcare (resulting in very high Black maternal mortality rates), to name just a few things. To truly make #BlackLivesMatter & to give freedom to the Black community, we must do more. Here are some ways you can help out:


Actions Needed

1) Read & Share an Article about the Meaning of Juneteenth

Read & share this to your Facebook community.

Share to Facebook

2) Attend a Juneteenth Listening & Learning Event

Joe Biden's team is hosting a virtual event to commemorate Juneteenth & move our nation forward to end racism. Join! 

Attend this Event

3) Volunteer to Make a Difference

Volunteer for Color of Change, the nation's largest online organization devoted to racial justice. 


4) Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve & Fight Racism

Buy anything from our nonprofit's #BlackLivesMatter line, & all proceeds go to Color of Change to fight for racial equality. 


5) Donate to Organizations Fighting Racism

Donate to organizations that are working to dismantle systemic racism. 


6) Share a Tweet to Raise Awareness

Help raise awareness about the importance of Juneteenth.

Post to Twitter

7) Attend a Juneteenth Event

You can join National Day of Healing by RSVPing today.


Stand Up & Help Make Sure Black Lives Matter





On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis resident, was killed by police officers. Floyd was unarmed and was killed when an officer placed his knee on his neck and applied force, even after Floyd said, "I can't breathe," and the officer did not let up or allow EMS to attempt CPR until after Floyd was already dead. This is not an exception: it has become a rule. Black Americans are TWO to THREE TIMES more likely to be killed by police than white people, and they are also 1.3 times more likely to be unarmed when they are killed by officers who violated their own oaths to "serve and protect" all people. 

After George Floyd's tragic death, one officer who killed him was arrested, but the other three have not been. Moreover, those in positions of power were already trying to undermine justice for Floyd, arguing that the cause of death was a heart attack, and that there were medical conditions and substances in Floyd's system that contributed to his death. This is outrageous--George Floyd did not die because of a medical condition or substance use--he died because a member of law enforcement killed him. In fact, 1,099 people were killed--that we know of--in 2019 alone because of police misconduct and brutality. 

The very reason #BlackLivesMatter came about is because it is evident that Black people cannot take for granted that their lives have value, while white people can. The idea of "all lives matter" makes no sense, because if a residential street was on fire, and one house was ignored by the fire department , saying "all houses matter" would be pointless--the  one house that was ignored would be the one given no value, while the others were deemed important enough to save. 

It would be one thing if Floyd's death was the exception, but it' isn't--Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, and so many more have been killed because of police brutality. This has to stop. 

The very reason #BlackLivesMatter came about is because it is evident that Black people cannot take for granted that their lives have value, while white people can. The idea of "all lives matter" makes no sense, because if a residential street was on fire, and one house was ignored by the fire department , saying "all houses matter" would be pointless--the  one house that was ignored would be the one given no value, while the others were deemed important enough to save. 

To stop these tragic and completely unacceptable deaths, we as a society must address systemic racism. Here are some ways you can honor George Floyd's memory (as well as his brothers and sisters who were killed before him) and help fight to dismantle racism.

Actions Needed

1) Sign the NAACP's Petition

Sign the NAACP's petition to stop police brutality & murders of Black people. 

Sign the Petition

2) Donate to help Stop Systemic Racism

Donate to organizations working to end systemic racism.


3) Call to Ensure Justice for George Floyd

Contact Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to hold the county accountable for a fair trial and justice for George Floyd. 

Call today or email!

4) Share a Tweet to Spread Awareness

Share this article on how to be a better ally, so that these unacceptable and violent racism acts stop.

Post to Twitter

5) Support Good Causes & Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Our nonprofit has a #BlackLivesMatter line. For any merchandise purchased, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to Color of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization.


6) Watch a Video About Police Violence Against Black Americans

Watch & share this video titled, "A Decade of Watching Black People Die." 


7) Donate to Breonna Taylor's Family

Breonna Taylor was an emergency technician killed by law enforcement on May 13, 2020. Her 27th birthday would have been on June 5. Donate to help her family. 

Give to Breonna's Family

8) Volunteer to Make a Difference

Be part of the solution--join Color of Change & help dismantle systemic racism. 


9) Donate to George Floyd's Family

There is no price that can be put on a human life, but you can help George's family in their time of need & grief. 

Help George's Family

10) Share a Video to Tell the Real Story

Some people are unaware of how prevalent police murders of Black people are. Share this video on Facebook to help let others know and spur change.

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Urgent--Protect Homeowners from Predatory Practices!

Across the nation, there has been a wave of deconversion, where developers have baited, harassed, coreced, been dishonest with, and otherwise tried to induce condominium owners to sell their entire building in what is known as a Section 15 bulk sale. Although this is happening nationwide, Illinois and Chicago, in particular, have been especially preyed upon. In a period of only a few years, developers in Chicago alone had "deconverted" (turned entire condo buildings into rentals, so owners are no longer owners and are routinely forced to move, deal with an underwater mortgage, and worse) thousands of units. The people who have been displaced include those who DID NOT WANT to sell--because of current law, if a certain percentage of ownership votes to sell a building, EVERY owner is forced to lose their unit, and they lose it at the price set by the developer/buyer--there is no consideration for whether certain units are worth more than others. Instead, developers offer their price based on square footage, so a unit in pristine condition will get the same price as one that is falling apart, unless an owner has the time, money, and ability to object to this process (which still forces them to lose their home, but only affects the potential process). This objection process is terribly disadvantageous to homeowners: they must file written objections within a matter of days, attorneys are needed to help (an added expense), and if the homeowner actually get to the objection process, it is highly unfair. The process is determined by a panel of three arbitrators: 1 selected by the developer, 1 by the owner (for which they have to pay a lot), and one that is "mutually agreed upon" (which the owner also foots part of the bill for), and the costs of arbitration are placed on a homeowner's shoulders. 


Aside from this, a number of predatory practices aimed at homeowners and from developers/buyers/their agents have taken place--owners are frequently sent repeated, unwanted solicitations, and during a deconversion process, it is often no holds barred--one condominium unit's owners were subjected to over 10 text messages in a row in furtherance of the developer's wishes, beginning before 4:00 am on a weekday. State Senator Sara Feigenholtz has introduced legislation to try to protect homeowners, and in collaboration with our organization, a bill has been drafted and introduced to protect homeowners. This bill, SB 3731 is not only critical, but there are two impediments to it: (1). Because of COVID19, the Illinois General Assembly will only be in session from May 20-29. and (2). Prior bills of this nature have failed because while developers are vocal, NO ONE whose homes are at stake has been calling their state elected officials to try to get these bills passed.


Why this is so Important:

  • A senior in a building that was deconverted had an aneurysm, and his sole caretaker is his granddaughter. Because rental rates are so high (the average for a one-bedroom is about $1500+/month), he cannot afford to move or lose his home. He is impacted by deconversion.
  •  One man, who bought his condo and lived there for over 20 years, was so stressed out by the predatory tactics used that he was taken to the ER & ICU, where he was told he was minutes away from dying--the constant pressure and loss of his home affected his heart.
  • A woman, who fought valiantly to keep her home, followed every rule ,and had a prior lease in effect (which legally, developers are required to honor once they take over a building), was given an eviction notice within 48 hours after the developer took her home from her, and the legal fees to stop the process were thousands of dollars.
  • A man who objected to the sale, said the experience was the worst year of his life, and he was expected to move out (after the developer repeatedly delayed the due diligence period, which destroyed the ability for soon-to-be displaced owners to make future arrangements, such as enter into a lease or buy a replacement unit) over the holidays, when it was snowing.
  • A woman on a fixed income, could not find a real replacement property, so she now has a unit without functioning heat, hot water, and more necessities.
  • One woman who immigrated here decades ago, has lived with her husband (who is a veteran) in her unit for over 15 years. They are seniors, and her husband has cancer. Even if they were paid a fair amount (which is not the case in the experience of far too many homeowners), they have nowhere to go.
  • A doctor's  building was subject to deconversion attempts for such a prolonged period and to so much harassment that he was living out of boxes for over a year. 


What You Can Do to Help:

The single most important thing you can do is to call your Illinois state senator & representative and tell the that you support SB 3731 to protect homeowners against predatory deconversions. Here is a link to the phone numbers for all your state elected officials: 

You can also use the action buttons to help--but Senator Feigenholtz has already told us--what will make or break this bill will be whether your state representatives hear from you--let's MAKE SURE they do! 

Actions Needed

1) Call Your Elected Officials!

The most important thing we can do to ensure that this bill passes is to make calls! Your elected officials for the state are listed here:

Please also call Governor JB Pritzker at:

(217) 782-6830, (217) 782-6831, (312) 814-2121

Script: "I am calling to ask [Senator/Rep/Governor's name] to support SB 3731 and pass it to protect Illinois homeowners. Thank you."

Click the button if you need help contacting your state reps, but really, you can just use the website and numbers provided. 


2) Join Homeowners Against Deconversion

This Facebook group will provide you with updates on what is going on with homeowner protection issues and how you can stay involved. Please join!


3) Take Action By May 29!

Follow the link for the event to attend that will give you the information on how to support SB 3731 & protect homeowners. 

Attend the SB 3731 Event

4) Spread the Word Via Twitter

Let people know how serious this is by sharing the link to our daily action. 

Post to Twitter

5) Help Fund Efforts to Prevent Predatory Practices

10 Minutes A Day supported & co-wrote SB 3731. Donate to further our efforts to stop predatory acts that unfairly make people lose their homes. 


6) Spread the Word on Facebook!

Our week of action ends on 5/29, because that's the last day of the General Assembly meeting for now. Please share the link to the Homeowners Against Deconversion group on Facebook.

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Stop Needless COVID19 Infections & Deaths: Spotlight: Illinois


During a serious pandemic, we have treated & are treating many of our most vulnerable members of our communities shamefully. As of March 31, in Chicago alone, 17 inmates were hospitalized because of the virus, 1 had died, NINE were on ventilators, & we had ONE ventilator left. In one Illinois state prison alone, by mid-April, FIVE inmates had passed away from COVID.  355 inmates at ONE Chicago jail had tested positive for the Coronavirus as of April 7.

This is a disgrace. This is not just happening in Chicago or even Illinois, but this is one of the cities & states with the highest COVID19 numbers.

Here's what you can do to help:

We can make a difference, but we need to call elected officials in Chicago and Illinois & support Illinois's proactive Governor, JB Pritzker, who has moved to decarcerate people to keep them safe & well.

Here are some phone scripts you may use to request further assistance for these inmates, thanks to the Edgewater Mutual Aid Society:


What Can You Do? (also, see our other action items for alternate/additional ways to help!):


  • Illinois Department of Corrections: (217) 558-2200, extension 2008
  • Your local elected officials (if you don't know who they are, find them here: 
  • Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx (312) 603-1880.

Actions Needed

1) Tweet out your support of Governor JB Pritzker & Encourage More Decarceration.

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to Help Those in Need!

Support local organizations trying to decarcerate, protect civil liberties, & keep all our residents safe. 


3) Make Some Calls, & Post Once Your Done on Facebook!

Make the calls in our script to the people indicated, and then share on Facebook that you've taken an important step to help keep inmates safe & treat everyone humanely. I just took action with 10 Minutes A Day, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting disenfranchised communities and democracy, to help decarcerate & keep people safe during COVID19, & you can too--just follow the link! 

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Janice Park for Alaska State HD 25!


Janice Park is running for state representative in Alaska's House District 25, and her race is an important one to spotlight. In her own words, Janice says, "Alaska has promises to keep. Promises to out children. I am fighting for the things that will benefit their future. Join me in that fight."

In addition to being a hardworking Alaskan of seventeen years who is passionate, intelligent, and who cares about her community, we consider Janice to be a friend whom we are proud to endorse for this seat. Janice's priorities include quality pre-K & education, Medicaid expansion, affordable healthcare, and coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions, and protecting reproductive rights. Help elect Janice & make #HerStory in 2020! Here are some ways you can help Janice win!

Actions Needed

1) Follow & Amplify Janice on Twitter!

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to Help Janice Win!

Candidates like Janice depend on individual donations, & no amount is too small! Please help donate today, and spread the word to be a part of Janice's path to victory! If you donate $50 or more, you'll get this fantastic reusable shopping bag--help Janice & help the environment.


3) Volunteer to Make Sure Janice is HD 25's Next State Representative!

We can only win if we all contribute--sign up today to be a part of Janice's winning team!


4) Amplify Janice by Sharing on Facebook!

Let your community know that Janice is running & why they should support her! Follow her on Facebook!

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It's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!


DV purple ribbon 4 awareness month


Domestic Violence affects a staggering 10 million people every single year, and every 20 minutes, someone is physically abused by an intimate partner. So many of our organizers have been deeply impacted by domestic violence personally, and we'd like to ask that each if you take some of these simple actions to help survivors & prevent future incidents. Here's how you can help:



Actions Needed

1) Share a link on Twitter to Raise Awareness.

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to help end domestic violence!

Split a donation to nonprofit groups advocating for survivors & fighting to promote more domestic violence resources & prevention. 


3) Volunteer to help end domestic violence!

No More is a nonprofit that has events, a newsletter, and volunteer opportunities to help end the epidemic of abuse. Click the button to connect to their volunteer information.


Support the National Popular Vote Initiative!


Our recent presidential elections have demonstrated the disparity between how America is voting and the outcome reached by the electoral college. These concerns were particularly important when the 2016 election was won in the electoral college despite a deficit of 3 million votes. It has become increasingly critical to award votes in such a way that every vote counts and is accorded the same weight. You can take action to help ensure that every vote counts!

Here are some things you can do to promote the National Popular Vote Initiative, a measure that, if approved by enough states, would replace the electoral college with a popular vote for presidential elections.



Actions Needed

1) Watch this video and tweet the link to help others learn about the NPVI.

Post to Twitter

2) Donate to National Popular Vote to support their work of fighting for equal representation - they’ve already gotten over 60% of the states they need to pass this great policy.


3) Contact your state legislators & ask them to support the National Popular Vote Initiative.

Click on the button and enter your zipcode, and you'll be given the contact info for your state legislators. Call them and ask them to support your state entering into the NPVI.